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The Empowerment Weekend is held to commemorate and celebrate the history of well known African-American entertainers and professionals who owned property and performed at the Historic Resort prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Known as the "Black Eden", this location was one of the few resorts in the United States where African-Americans could vacation and purchase property.  The National Resource Team applauds the Idlewild community for holding on to the land; approximately 3,000 acres.  It is historically, the largest land based African American resort ever assembled in the USA. Idlewild is a rare and valuable national resource with physical and cultural significance. 

About the Producer:

Theresa  'T. ROSE' Randleman, Founder/CEO,  T. ROSE Foundation and T ROSE Entertainment which is an internationally recognized (Michigan-based) entertainment and management firm; a producer, promoter, International empowerment speaker and multiple award winning organization/recipient. Click here to link to more information.

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