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Ms. Randleman, the title of this program, "Third Annual Idlewild Empowerment Luncheon" (like any title) does not do justice to the goals achieved. With the MHC's support, and with a minimum of financial support and staff assistance, you created and implemented a program that was "a unifying force and helped people connect with one another and the places where they live, by fostering a greater understanding and engagement in the cultures, histories, and values which tell us who we were, are, and hope to be." Grant Evaluator

Thank you (T ROSE) for the outstanding contributions you have made to the Humanities Council's efforts, to the Idlewild community, to the state of Michigan and, lastly (and most significantly), to the youth of the Shabazz Academy - who have a greater sense of their own, their families' and their ancestors value and achievements. As Edward, age 11, said, "I didn't expect it - I thought it was going to be like a museum. It was very educative and nice. Really fun!"  With respect, Sharman

God bless you TRose for the great community service you provide and give. You are a blessing!   H. Tucker

A great experience for me, I learned a lot about this historical place and being there was nothing but heartwarming, made me proud to be a part of the history that you are accomplishing. P. Pye

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